#1 New Release!

Fantasy Maps is currently the #1 New Release on Amazon.

9/1/20221 min read

Fantasy Maps: 50 Towns, Story Seeds, & Plot Hooks for your Tabletop Role Playing Game just got a #1 New Release badge on Amazon! This is very exciting news. The book is even beating Tome of Heroes by Kobold Press, which since we're huge fans of Kobold Press is a huge deal to us.

A lot of hard work went into writing Fantasy Maps and we're glad that hard word and dedication is paying off. We think it's because our book isn't just a book of maps like so many others on the market. We saw book after book of black and white maps that contained no other details or content. There was no text whatsoever.

When we decided to publish Fantasy Maps, we decided we could do better than that. The question was: What if there is an adventure tied to every map? Would that be more valuable to a game master/dungeon master? We thought so, and it looks like you agree.

Fantasy Maps is more than just maps, it's a full adventure on every page! Included with every town map is a page of details about that town. These details include the population, a list of facts about the town, needs of the town, wants of the town, town secrets, and notable places of interest. These make great adventure hooks and story seeds. Will the characters find out any of the town’s secrets? What happens if they do? Will the characters choose to help the town by fulfilling the town's needs and wants? Or maybe the town is just a stopping point on the way to the Interesting Nearby Location.

Here's the link if you want to check out the book: https://amzn.to/3Vk5Op1

Thank you for all your support!